GSM: Tell us about your new album “Street Kings”?

Trae: The album is amazing! I’m not trying to be cocky or up-sell it either. I put a lot of work into this project from top to bottom. I wanted to put together an album that people can jam to and just have some good music to listen to.

GSM: Your song with Wiz Khalifa “Getting Paid” is doing very well, how was it in the studio with him?

Trae: The video is out now and getting some great feedback off the record. I actually did two songs on the album with Wiz. He’s like my little brother so being in the studio was cool and us doing good music.

GSM: How’s your relationship with Rick Ross? We see he brought you out in Houston for his “I Am Still Music Tour”. Was the feedback what you expected?

Trae: It was expected. Ross just brought me out for a surprise to the fans in Houston. Salute to the homie Ross, it’s a respect level real nigga shit. When the fans went crazy that showed me that my time is coming and the music is being appreciated out there so I know to just keep going hard for my city cause they go hard for me.

GSM: What label are you on?

Trae: My label Young Empire/ABN and is being distributed by Fontana/Universal.

GSM: How was being banned from national radio been for your career?

Trae: It doesn’t change it a bit. I’m still able to be relevant without any radio play if anything it keeps me humble to work harder and put out great music.

GSM: Does the Internet help you to still be relevant during your career success?

Trae: It helps out a great deal. Since I’m banned from all radio that’s the only way people can hear from me and know what I got going on.

GSM: Any advice to the unsigned artist in the world?

Trae: Always do you and stay focused on what you’re doing. Don’t listen to what other folks are saying because when it’s all said and done your music is what carries you over.

GSM: If you had to choose to give up your publishing or touring to sign a major deal which one would you pick?

Trae: I wouldn’t sign either… I would just start my own label!

GSM: Is there any website you like to visit to find out what’s going on in music?

Trae: I like to visit a bunch of sites I can’t just say one. At the end of the day I support whoever supports me and I give much respect to them for doing what they do.

GSM: What’s your relationship with the other Houston rappers such as “Bun B” and etc?

Trae: We’re great it’s all love between us. We all respect one another.

“ I’m able to stay relevant without any radio play”

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