GSM: Tell us about the album you released “Blue Octane” in 08’, what was the vision behind the project?

It was one of the album in my catalog and this was one for me that when I went down to Orlando, I do business with one of my partners Dave. He took me on this boat and it has speakers and etc. So im guy shawn wattson who introduced me to the water riders and everyday we went out on the boats with the pro riders. I just put it on iTunes and dedicated to wave boarding. I did an album dedicated just to them because they showed me so much love when I was out there.

GSM: While working with major artists such as Jay-Z, 50 cent and Janet Jackson what keeps you motivate to continue to produce music?

Family First you who and God of course!. Music is different to me now since im older, many people say “They wish they know back then what they know now”. I didn’t feel all the work that was done before I was just trying to get my beat heard and on records. Now people know who I am and it amazes me all the time now ,i just wanted to do beats.

GSM: What record you produce you can say that you didn’t expect to be as big of a hit, then it went major around the world ?

Actually a lot of the them believe or not. Every record that was a big hit suprised me, for example when I did Big Pun record little did I know it was gonna be a Grammy nominated song. The “ I Be that” with RedMan I didn’t know was going to be a huge success just thought it was a song I wanted to work with him turn wonderful. Then “Do it again” record I was just excited to work with Jay-z and rocafella but definitelty expect a success.

GSM: Explain your journey from your 1st placement to where you are now in your career?

At first you just know you can do beats and plan out goals and accomplishments. Now I would just say it’s more like a job this is what I have to get done by this time and go to the studio with this person n etc.

GSM: Which artist in your career would you say impressed you by their work ethic?

I would have to say Busta impress me a lot with this work ethic. He goes non-stop and I cant even keep up with him. Swizz Beats is a hard worker we worked on a couple projects together and he is so focused. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis their work ethic is amazing it was very comfortable we did Janet Jackson album together.

“Believe it or not, every record that was a huge hit surprised me”

GSM: We all see how the Internet has changed up the music industry; in what ways have you had to change your way of doing music?

I have to say software,  im now a software head like Protools and alberton. The samples with the kicks,Snarls n etc. Youtube helps you learn how to do beats alot now even for me learning how to edit videos on Final Cut. Its an open source now that gives opttys forpeople to expand and just do more.

GSM:If you had to choose one beat machine and one program to do your beat with for life what would it be?

I love Logic because you can be so hands on, it has midi and production all in one. The fact you can link video to it that gives the all in one for you.

GSM: What web sites do you go onto when looking to find out the latest new in music?

i check out,  WorldStarHipHop, and this all be going on forlast 6 years. I check my Facebook, Twitter and back when Myspace was going. Now I check out

GSM: What is all about? How can artist benefit from it?

We use it to give back to the community and with this lease beat program we allow you to use it for mix tapes and promotional materials. It helps alot of artist that cant afford to buy my beats for 10k or so and it just continues to go. Some of the producers that don’t have a 9 to 5 just lease their beats and make the 4 to 5 grand a month off their passion.

GSM:Do you feel artist today can have a long lasting career like their previous icon such as Diddy, Jay-z,  Beastie Boys and etc?

Yes they can! It’s just a fast industry today and as long you keep up an artist will be fine. The change is always going to happen,  the only difference is the paced of the change. As long you adapt it will be a cake walk. Now with your laptop you can record, mix and put it on iTunes you didn’t even have to leave your house and sell records.

GSM: In what way do you see how unsigned artist can help build a brand that attracts attention from mega producers like yourself?

Of course face to face is a great thing. i’m always on the internet with sites like facebook,twitter and word of mouth is great way as well.

GSM: What are your thoughts about the new class of rising stars such as Diggy, Vado, Big Sean and Yelawolf?

These guys are great ! I just hope the community support them the way they deserve it. These guys are in a good spot and as long they keep working hard it will work out.

GSM: If you had to sign an artist to your label, what kind of artist would it be in a perfect world?

I would love to put an artist out on the viral base then a label. Because when you reply on your label your gonna spend your whole life trying to get the right contract. Nowadays the person with the most views walk in the meeting with the more leverage. Even with a Co-sign now it wont last forever, you have to market yourself and promote extremely to get these fans attention. I read in the forbes,  this lady became 20 emails she just went to promote her brand and if you do the math 20 x 20 x 20 equals alot of hits and views. If everyone in your team put in a lot of work the results will happen.

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