GSM: Let’s talk about your single, 6AM feat. Jadakiss & Jim Jones

PAPOOSE: This is definitely a record that is on the album “6AM” featuring Jadakiss and Jim Jones. This record basically describes the feeling of being in your home and the Police is kicking down your door at 6 in the morning. If you ever had that experience you’re going to relate to it and if you never had that experience you going to see what it feels like and it’s actually a blood rush. Each artist on the track did a detail description of the day and how they transpired their day to 6 in the morning police at my door..

GSM: Do you think the industry is ready for the raw knowledge your music brings?

PAPOOSE: Yea, I believe nothing happens before its time, and that is probably the held up my project. To answer your question I think they are ready and they have no choice but to be ready because it’s here. And it’s going down.

GSM: How do you feel mainstream will accept your new music?

PAPOOSE: They have no choice but to accept it, you know the same way mainstream and radio accept the Wu Tang, or BIG, or any of the all-time greats, you know what am saying I feel like they are going to accept this project because am a student that of the artist that they accepted in the past.

GSM: Do you think your “Brooklyn” demeanor is keeping you from becoming a commercialized artist?

PAPOOSE: I think it definitely contributes to the hold up because people are afraid of realness, you know what I’m saying, but I can’t help that because that is where I’m from and but to answer your question in the past it did but I learned from my mistakes. And I figured out how to maneuver and go around and kind a tone it down.

GSM: What is the significance behind your title “Nacirema Dream”? Why should people go cop it?

PAPOOSE: The title of the album is nasareima dream, People from all different corners of the planet to come to this country in search of an American dream. Some people risk their freedom to become incarcerated, Some people work minimum wage and work that nine to five, but we all want to be successful and we all have the same common goal and my question is the american dream really exist find out and buy the album.

Questions by: J. Jelz

Interview by: Monica M.

“ I believe

nothing happens before it’s time”

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