GSM: Who are your industry mentors?

D-Teck: My Industry Mentors are Spida of the Fugees Refugee Camp and Melvin Brown the CEO of Konvict.

GSM: What makes a successful A&R?

D-Teck: A successful A&R is one that discovers and help to execute one or more great talents.By keeping relevant and developing them into international stars.

GSM: Describe your entrance to the music industry?

D-Teck: It all started when  one of my mentors’ Christopher Spida Boswell’ of the Fugees Refugee Camp AllStars recorded the first two songs I’ve ever written. It lead to  DJ’s playing the records and I began to get community recognition as an artist. That lead me to the right set of people and my first formal production team ‘Galarush Productions’. Not long after I met Richieloop and introduced him to Galarush Productions.

After leaving That production team Richieloop, Myself and Dakrome Started Dumstruck Productions and that’s when we took it to another level. It was during that same time period my mentor Spida started Konvict Yard Muzik with his longtime Friend from the Refugee Camp Allstars ‘Akon ‘  who is also one of the CEOs of Konvict Muzik.

I was invited to be a part of the konvict Yard Team. Due to an unfortunate incident Spida was unable to continue with the label as he went away for while. I went off to college and during that time I started D-teck Management whereI managed a few artists and producers including Richieloop. Richieloop Broke into the Dancehall Party scene as an artist and  I got recognized for my contribution to the breaking of his debut song MyCupp.I then started working on  50/50 Konvict Muzik by Qwes Kross who was partners with Melvin Brown in that venture. I decided to put the performance aspect of music aside and prioritize building the 50/50 Konvict Brand.

After about a year the brand become popular and I was credited greatly for that as I was that label’s C.O.O and Head of A&R among my other responsibilities. I built a family, with the help of a few friends that was apart of the team  mainly Stress Dollaz of Rotten Apple Ent and Mahl G. Melvin Dissociate Konvict Muzik from the 50/50 Brand in January 2012 and kept me on Konvict and also his other company Melvin Brown Media Group MBMG and everything
been on an upwards trend since.

GSM: From your start and given your experience, tell us how the industry has changed or developed?

D-Teck: The industry had changed in a lot of
way, with the easy access to various softwares and social media along with the transitioning into the digital age we see more independent artist getting a break using social media including Youtube and Twitter because
they now have access to affordable recording studios many of them from the comfort of their room using a good quality microphone a recording software and a computer along with programs like Fruity Loops and access to a wide audience worldwide via the use of social media.

GSM: What direction do you think the industry is taking? How do you adapt as an A&R to the ever changing Swagger of the music industry?D-Teck: Well music is like fashion the trends change ever so often. I am not the type of A&R that tries to work with an act just because of any popular trend, they must posses something special and preferably have a lot going on for them already off their own grind. If I discover something new an marketable I am willing to develop them also.

GSM: Five things an A&R must know/do?

1) Have a great ear for Music.
2) Must do Talent Scouting
3) Must have the ability to notice great talent.
4) knows the characteristics of a Hot record
5) Must be a great creative director.

GSM:Five things you’re looking for when scouting artists?

1) Uniqueness and Originality
2) The relevant vocal skills when required for that particular style artist.
3) Their appearance / Image does it need work or not.
4) Great delivery on their records
5)How well they handle and utilize constructive criticism.

GSM: How important is diversity in what you do ?
D-Teck: Diversity is very very important, it allows you to recognize great talent effectively no matter what styles , language , genre or culture.

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